Lions Mane Elixir Shot 1.7oz

Lions Mane Elixir Shot 1.7oz


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Radical Lions Mane Elixir Shot

-1.7 FL oz.
-Fruiting bodies only
-Dual extract
-Grown by our Mycologist

Besides being called the first “Smart Mushroom”, our Radical Lions Mane has some amazing benefits.

-Keeps your brain healthy
-Supports your immune system
-Boosts mood and concentration
-Decreases inflammation
-Reinvigorates the nervous system
-May help alleviate skin & stomach issues

At Everyday Natural Products, our families mycologist grows our Lions Mane due to the accessibility of this autumnal visitor. Hericium Erinaceus and other varieties from the Hericium family mainly grow during the fall months along the northern hemisphere. Our mycologist grows out the fruiting bodies at their farm in Olympia Washington here in the Pacific Northwest. By using the mushroom fruiting body; we are assuring that you are getting the highest concentration of bio-activity from the mushroom as possible. Our process includes a dual extraction blend to obtain as much as possible of the polysaccharides and triterpenes that these wonderful mushrooms contain, available for you.

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Weight 1.7 oz
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 3 in