Our Stories

Our Stories

Matt & Azmyth

Matt: Founder & Owner

In 2013 at the age of 26, I was celebrating the closing of my second house on a Friday, and by Monday I was diagnosed with Cancer. Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. I had five tumors residing in my collarbone, lungs, and chest. I followed with the doctor’s recommendation which unfortunately was the dreaded toxic chemotherapy and radiation. The side effects alone from the chemo and radiation literally almost killed me. Due to my weakened immune system from the said treatments, I was forced to become jailed in my own house for fear of going out in public. (Even if I was fully gloved and masked, any germs could lead to a fever and the rapid onset of pneumonia, which my body was not strong enough to beat at the time, thus being fatal).

Unfortunately, I ended up in the hospital with a fever, my white blood count dropping dangerously low and at the most crucial point I was injected with a shot to help rapidly boost my immune system and raise my white blood count. After the test proved to be extremely effective, I came to find out that it was a synthetic pharmaceutical grade of mushrooms that I was given.

I was led down the path that started with educating, foraging, creating and eventually healing all tumors with mushrooms found naturally out in my own backyard, the breathtaking North Cascade Mountains. Remission was declared in 2014, and by 2015, Everyday Mushroom was fruited. Two years later, Everyday Natural Products followed to encompass all of my Mushroom and CBD products together as one.

This was a very pivotal point in my life. Not only was I starting to get better but I also gained confidence in that we have the power to heal ourselves. After experiencing the frustrations, pains and constant troubles associated with being sick, I was inspired to create a company that not only provided the relief of all of the lack of inconsistencies but was an affordable, natural alternative for everyone.

*Currently still cancer free in 2018. When not creating and building Everyday Natural Products, Matt can be found roaming around the Pacific Northwest, cruising through the California coastline or surfing the Mexican Coast at sunset.

Azmyth: Co-Owner

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Let’s start with when I met Matt; I found out about Matt’s story the night before I was told that my dad had been diagnosed with stage 2 prostate cancer which turned into stage 4 within the month shortly after his prostate biopsy. Matt had already created his Everyday Mushroom Radical Reishi product. We started my dad on the tinctures, colloidal silver & Kangen water. My father was confirmed In remission within six months. What I loved about Matt from the start was that when a customer bottle a product, he would send a free bottle out to another person with heavy health concerns, so I guess you could say I bought as much as I could. That mentality still holds up today with how much product we share with others who are often in dire need, (those in dire need are also often lacking abundance in funds as well). Our family joined forces with Matt & Everyday Mushroom at the tail end of 2017 & Created Everyday Natural Products. We’ve been growing exponentially ever since with the help of our friends, family & local town.

I began diving deeper into natural healing modalities & plant remedies shortly before my father’s diagnosis, helping my mother’s friends research their health issues & sharing my findings & history with past health & athletic supplements & nootropics. Many of which have been researched or we’re being researched for effectiveness upon a laundry list of ailments. I have now been seriously researching & working with many plants, foods & supplements since the beginning of 2016. This is my main focus in life currently, helping others in need to access well researched, historical & documented answers to a plethora of different bodily & mental miscommunications.



I have a rather effective green thumb that my mom gave to me; I’ve been working with plants from a young age. Working with herbs, fruits & vegetables & other rare varieties has always been a passion since the magic that plants hold is so congruent to humanity & how we survive on this planet.