Coffee, a Splash of Cream and CBD

Coffee, a Splash of Cream and CBD
April 29, 2020 Maren Peterson

In 2015 statistics showed, that Americans consumed 400 million cups per day… making the U.S. the leading consumer in coffee (Daily, 2015). These jaw dropping numbers have only increased since, “coffee consumption in the United States amounted to nearly 26.5 million 60-kilogram bags in the 2018/2019 fiscal year” (Shahbandeh, 2019). With coffee being the preferred form of “pick-me-up,” it is no surprise that consumers are looking for new ways to spruce up their daily cup of joe. From alternative milks and sugars, unique flavors and syrups to making coffee ketogenic or “bulletproof,”, we are seeing a variety of new spins on this classic.

To ward off boredom of consumers, it seems new coffee trends are always emerging amidst the marketplace. The latest buzz? You guessed it, coffee and CBD. If you take time to explore your local coffee shops, you will be sure to find the option to add CBD elixir to spruce up your cup. What is all the hype about? CBD is shown to combat anxiety and decrease stress. Adding CBD to coffee gives consumers the energy and alertness they desire without the jitters, upset stomach or anxious sensations. The combination of the two provides a more balanced sense of stimulation.

There can, however, be a guessing game when it comes to the quality of CBD that you are getting mixed into your cup. Here at ENP, we eliminate the guess work, providing the highest level of quality and strain of CBD in our elixir. Not only does it mix well into coffee, it blends perfectly into any other beverage hot or iced including tea, smoothies and even water!

The ENP CBD Elixir is flavorless and sugar free, adding the benefits of CBD without compromising the taste of your beverage. We offer options of 60mg shots, to take with you on the go, or a 25.4 fluid ounce dispenser for your home. Skip the latte art and add something that really brings life to your cup. Shop our ENP Elixir options here.


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